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გეოლოგიის დეპარტამენტის 2012 წლის ანგარიში

Author: bezhan tutberidze

Geological Interpretation of Tsikhisjvari Magnetic Anomaly

Author: Guram Kutelia
Co-authors: Nargiz Abutidze, Nona Lursmanashvili, Nana Anakidze
Keywords: Tsikhisjvari, Magnetic Anomaly, Local Anomaly

Gas Hydrates Investigations in the Gurian Trough

Author: evgeny sakvarelidze
Keywords: Gas Hydrates, Gurian Trough

Summary of the principal volcano-sedimentary facies types of the Madneulicopper-gold polymetallic deposit, Bolnisi district, Georgia

Author: Nino Popkhadze
Keywords: Lithofacies, volcanic glass, hyaloclastite, devitrification.

Copper-Gold Deposits of the Bolnisi Ore District

Author: Ramaz Migineishvili
Keywords: Bolnisi, VMS, Epithermal, Copper-Gold Deposit

Geodynamic environment aud paleoecology of upper Cretaceous-Paleogene basins of the eastern part of the central segment of Ajara-Trialeti folded zone

Author: Zurab Lebanidze
Keywords: Paleocene, Eocene, Paleoichnology

Geodynamic environment aud paleoecology of upper Cretaceous-Paleogene basins of the western part of the eastern segment of Ajara-Trialeti folded zone

Author: Kakha Qoiava
Keywords: Campanian-Maastrichtian, Danian, Ichnofauna.

Methods of Investigation of Seismoaqtive Structures of Georgia exemplified by Borjomi-Kazbegi fault.

Author: nona lursmanashvili
Co-authors: --------
Keywords: fault, stress, folds

Petrology of Gneiss-Migmatite Complex of the Khrami Crystalline Massif

Author: Ketevan Tedliashvili

Zonal division of Caucasian uppercretaceous-lowerpaleocene deposits

Author: guram gongadze
Keywords: Echinoidea, biostratigraphy, zone

Study for Feasibility of Shale Gas Exploration in Georgia

Author: Archil Magalashvili
Co-authors: M.Margvelashvili, P.Tsintsadze, M.King
Keywords: shale gas, fossil fuel, shale geology, energy minerals, Georgia

Petrology and geochemistry of the Klich gabbro-diorite intrusive

Author: Kristine Vardanashvili
Keywords: petrology, geochemistry

Measurement of radon and thoron in west Georgia (Tskaltubo region)

Author: Zurab Machaidze
Co-authors: Giorgi Melikadze
Keywords: Gas Radon, Measurement methods, Natural Radiation

Determination of Hydrodynamic Parameters of Tbilisi Geothermal Deposits

Author: NIno Kapanadze
Co-authors: George Melikadze, Genadi Kobzev
Keywords: Geothermal deposit, digital modelling

Archaeometallurgy of Ancient Colchis

Author: Sergo Nadareishvili
Keywords: Merisi, Slag, Cholchis

Peculiarities of Development of the Middle Jurassic Magmatism of Georgia

Author: Otar Dudauri
Co-authors: M.Togonidze
Keywords: Magma, gabbro, granite, isotope, Jurassic

Geology, magmatism da perspectives of gold mineralization in the trans-Alazani Kakheti based on new data

Author: Karlo aqimidze
Co-authors: Avtandil Okrostsvaridze, Archil Aqimidze, Nona Gagnidze

The geological facts of the changes of Earth’s climate and the problem of modern global warming

Author: Verni Alpaidze

Hydrothermal alteration Doleritebasalts and Hydrothermalites

Author: bezhan tutberidze
Co-authors: Mariam Akhalkatsishvili
Keywords: Aragonite, doleritebasalte, plateu

The Lithosphere of the Caucasus: Geological Past and Current State

Author: shota adamia
Keywords: Caucasus, lithosphere, plate tectonics, volcanism, seismology

Seimotectonical Condition and Assessment of Hazards and Risks of BTC and Shahdeniz Pipelines

Author: Aleksandre Gventsadze
Keywords: pipeline, btc, transcaucasia

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