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Georgian language support for TeX

Author: Levan Shoshiashvili
Co-authors: Akaki Lomia, Tamar Gogua, Eka Gelashvili
Keywords: TeX, LaTeX, Text Processing, Desktop Publishing Systems

New Expert Technologies of the Possibilistic Prediction in Fuzzy Dynamic Systems

Author: Gia Sirbiladze

Studies on the physical and chemical mechanisms of separation of enantiomeric mixtures

Author: Bezhan Chankvetadze
Keywords: Enantioseparations, High-performance liquid chromatography, Capillary electrochromatography, Nano-liquid chromatography

Acceleration / Generation of Large-scale Flows in Astrophysical Objects

Author: Nana Shatashvili
Co-authors: Swadesh Mahajan, Zensho Yoshida
Keywords: Large-scale fiedls, Stellar Atmospheres, Astrophysical Disk, Jet, Magneto-Fluid Coupling

The Functioning of "Aged" Heterochromatin

Author: Teimuraz Lezhava
Keywords: Heterochromatin, telomere, chromosome, aging

Soil Age: Past, Present, Future

Author: Lia Matchavariani
Keywords: Time factor, soil formation, paleosoils, monogenetic, poligenetic profiles

The Lithosphere of the Caucasus: Geological Past and Current State

Author: shota adamia
Keywords: Caucasus, lithosphere, plate tectonics, volcanism, seismology

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