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Report of Mathematics Department

Author: Omar Purtukhia

On the invariants of Fuchsian system

Author: Gia Giorgadze
Keywords: Fuchsian system, holomorphic bundle, local system

The boundary value problems for wave equations with a nonlinear damping term

Author: otar jokhadze
Keywords: wave equations; nonlinear damping term; boundary value problem

On Asymptotic Behaviors of Solution of Essentially Nonlinear Functional-Differential Equations

Author: Roman Koplatadze
Keywords: Essentially nonlinear functional- differential equation; Asimptotic behaviors of solution

Optization of an initial element for the linear neutral functional differential equation with the mixed initial condition

Author: Tamaz Tadumadze
Keywords: Optimization; Neutral Functional Differential Equation

Uniqueness Theorem of Solution of the Dirichlet BVP for Special Type High Order Elliptic Differential Equation in the Half-Space

Author: ilia tavkhelidze
Co-authors: Maria Transirico (University of Salerno, Italy)
Keywords: Dirichlet problem, Uniqueness theorem, Elliptic equation

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