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Detection and classification of deep UXO targets

Author: Irma Shamatava
Co-authors: Roman Jobava,
Keywords: Data, Uxo, TEMTAD MetalMapper

EM pollution

Author: Mikheil Prishvin
Co-authors: L.Bibilashvili. V. Jeladze. R.Zaridze
Keywords: SAR

radiofrequency identification

Author: Arman manukian
Keywords: identification, tag

Numerical Modeling of the Nonlinear Dynamics of the Ionospheric Wavy Structures and Fractal Vortices

Author: Oleg Kharshiladze
Keywords: Electromagnetic vortex structures, Ionosphere, Determined chaos

Advanced EM forward and inverse modeling approaches: application to subsurface objects detection and discrimination

Author: David Kakulia
Co-authors: G. Ghvedashvili, K. Tavzarashvili, T. Gogua, F. Shubitidze

Study of EM Plane Wave Incident on Two Periodic Dielectric Structures

Author: David Kakulia
Co-authors: A. Lomia, G. Ghvedashvili

The electromagnetic field diffraction problem on 3D periodic lattice embedded in the dielectric

Author: Ivan Petoev
Co-authors: V. Tabatadze, R. Zaridze
Keywords: periodic, lattice, complex

Study of heat production reasons during low power exposure

Author: Lali Bibilashvili

Investigation of the double and triple resonances in metal-dielectric structures

Author: vasil tabatadze
Co-authors: Revaz Zaridze, Ivan Petoev
Keywords: complex materials

Annual Report of the “Computational Physics” Institute’s activity

Author: Revaz Zaridze

Emproved Numerical Modelling of Heat Transfer in Human Tissue Exposed to EM Energy According to Blood Perfusion

Author: Veriko Jeladze
Co-authors: Revaz Zaridze, Mikheil Prishvin, Lali Bibilashvili

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