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Dehydrogenation of Alcohols by Iridium Pincer Complexes. Synthesis of New Type Chelating Ligands

Author: Avtandil Koridze
Keywords: Catalytic dehydrogenation, rhodium and iridium complexes pincer ligand

Fabrication and investigation of Arsenic containing complexcompounds and some superconductivity materials

Author: Tea Lobzhanidze
Co-authors: Tea lobzhanidzea I.R. Metskhvarishvili, G.N. Dgebuadze, B.G. Bendeliani
Keywords: arsenic, superconductivity

Increasing the Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulphuride by Using of Sorption Methods

Author: rusudan khositashvili
Keywords: ceolite, cationite, adsorption

Removing of Useful Components from Deep Waters of the Sea with Natural and Synthetic Zeolites

Author: elizaveta tskhakaia
Keywords: zeolite, fuel cell, sorbent

Novel Inorganic-organic Hybrid Compounds and Non-traditional Materials based on Them

Author: khatuna barbakadze
Co-authors: N. Lekishvili, W. Brostow
Keywords: composite, polyurethane, modifier, coordination compound, tribological property

Synthesis and Study of Arsenic-containing Borates, Coordination Compounds of tetrathiostibiates (V) of some d- and f-metals with Hydroxy- and Amino-groups Containing Aromatic Ligands

Author: kristine giorgadze
Co-authors: N. Lekishvili, Kh. Barbakadze, G. Jioshvili, M. Rusia, L. Turiashvili
Keywords: tetrathiostibiate, bioactivity, microorganism, borate

Some new topologic indices and their efficiency

Author: Mikheil Gverdtsiteli
Co-authors: M.Rusia
Keywords: topologic indices

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