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Changing of Snow Cover in Georgia on the Background of Climate Change

Author: Nino Lomidze
Keywords: snow cover, climate change

Integrated Tourism Geo-information System of Georgia

Author: Zurab Laoshvili
Co-authors: -
Keywords: Geoinformation System

The Complex Atlas of Kutaisi

Author: Tedo Gorgodze
Co-authors: Tengiz Gordeziani
Keywords: Complex Atlas, Geoinformation System, Database

Speleological Research of Racha Limestone Massif

Author: lasha asanidze
Keywords: Speleology, Limestone Massif, Racha, Karst forms and Proccesses

The Glacio-Geomorphological Study of the Glaciers of the Central Caucasus on the Background of Modern Climate Change and Evolution of Glaciations Late Pleistocene and Holocene

Author: levan tielidze
Keywords: Glaciers, Geomorphology

The Landscape-Geographic Analysis Viticulture and Enology in Georgia

Author: manana Sharashenidze

Geostatistical analysis of resource potential of the landscapes of Georgia

Author: roman maisuradze
Co-authors: Neli Jamaspashvili
Keywords: sustainable development, resource potential, transformation, land fund, ecological value, GIS

Cartographic capabilities of ArcMap-tech product

Author: giga kochlamazashvili

Five Aspects of Cartography

Author: tengizi gordeziani
Keywords: Sciences System, Geoinformatical Cartography, Geoinformatical Technology, Methodological System, Militari Cartography, Cartographycal Concepts

Danger Risk Assessment for Mudflow Process in the Duruji River Basin

Author: Tinatin Nanobashvili
Co-authors: Emil Tsereteli, Merab Gongadze
Keywords: Mudflow Process, Rheology, Danger Risk

Historical aspects of the relationships between the environment and human and anthropogenic types of relief

Author: Tsetsilia Donadze
Keywords: Noosphere, determinism, nihilism

Geodynamic processes and expected geo-ecological complications in Southern Highlands of Georgia

Author: George Gaprindashvili
Keywords: Disaster Processes, Landslide, Mudflow, South Georgia

The Problems and Perspectivesof Exploring Caves

Author: giorgi dvalashvili
Co-authors: Ramin Gobejishvili
Keywords: Karstology, Geoekology, Relief Geomorphology

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