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Improvement of Roads - The Way of Climate Change Mitigation

Author: Gia Sopadze
Keywords: Improvement of Roads

Environmental Education for sustainable development in Georgia

Author: Nino Sulkhanishvili
Keywords: გარემოსდაცვითი განათლება

Maintenance of ecological sustainability during armed conflicts and its legal regulations in Georgia and foreign countries

Author: irakli koiava
Keywords: ecology, conflict, protection, legislation

Landscape-ecological analysis of Upper Svaneti for land use evaluation

Author: tamar khardziani
Keywords: Landscape ecology, land use, sustainable development, research scale

The Antropogenesis of Landscapes of Sub-Mediterranean Semi-Humid Foothills

Author: Tamar Mamukashvili
Keywords: stability of landscape, anthropogenic influence, ecological tension

Transformation of the Natural Environment

Author: tamar alekcidze
Keywords: Transformation, Landscape, Anthropogenic

Geoecological problems of technogenic Landscape funcioning in Georgia

Author: eteri davitaia
Keywords: landscape, recultivation, geochemical situation, physiographic factor.

Prpblems landscape ecological and Natural zoning

Author: zurab seperteladze
Co-authors: Eter Davitaia, Tamar Aleksidze, Nino Rukhadze , Melor Alpenidze
Keywords: atural zoning, landscape ecology, landscape differentiation

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