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Several dynamic visualization method for unconstrained optimization

Author: Natela Ananiashvili

Uncertain Information and Canonically Conjugate Fuzzy Subsets

Author: magda tsintsadze
Keywords: Fuzzy sets, Expert Estimation, Membership Function

Construction of the Possibilistic OWA Operator for Evaluation of Credit Risks of Investment Projects

Author: Irina Khutsishvili
Co-authors: Gia Sirbiladze
Keywords: Investment project risks, expert evaluations, expertons, possibility uncertainty, OWA operator.

Compiler of Finite-State Automaton for the Morphological Processor of the Georgian Language

Author: Liana Lortkipanidze
Keywords: Finite-State Automata, Compiler, Morphological Processor

The solution of graphic tasks in the Wolfram Mathematica program

Author: Silva Torosiani
Keywords: The program Mathematica, graphics, graphics tasks, standard functions, functions, two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, dynamic objects

The Generalized Forms for Processing the Lists in Haskell

Author: Natela Archvadze
Keywords: functional language, programs verification, recursive functions

Genetic algorithm for the problem of minimization of the risk of financial portfolio

Author: Bidzina Midodashvili
Co-authors: P. Dvalishvili
Keywords: portfolio of financial assets; risk of portfolio; genetic algorithm; computer program

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