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Detection and classification of deep UXO targets

ავტორი: Irma Shamatava
თანაავტორები: Roman Jobava,
საკვანძო სიტყვები: Data, Uxo, TEMTAD MetalMapper

[11:37:09 AM] fridon: Detection and classification of deep UXO targets The objective of this study has been to attempt to determine limits to the depth of investigation for the current generation of advanced electromagnetic induction (EMI) systems, and to utilize advance EMI data processing and classification enhance algorithms for detecting and classifying deep and small targets. Numerous demonstrations have shown that MetalMapper systems can detect moderately large targets to a depth of roughly a meter and that TEMTADS systems can detect to roughly 75cm. An objective of this project has been to attempt to extend the depth of investigation by updating both hardware and data processing parts.

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