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Computer approximation of nonrectifiable curves and fractals

Author: guram kashmadze
Keywords: nonrectifiable curve, fractal, approximation, iteration steps

Variation Formulas of Solution for one Class of Controlled Differential Equation with the Mixed Initial Condition and their Applications in Optimization Problems

Author: medea iordanishvili
Co-authors: Lela alkhazishvili
Keywords: optimization, variation formulas of solution, incommensurable delays .

Optimization Problems for the Functional Differential Equation with General Variable Delays and the Mixed Initial Condition

Author: medea iordanishvili
Keywords: optimization, variation formulas of solution

About Protocols

Author: Levan Kasradze
Keywords: protocol, HTML5, C++, cloud

algorithms in low-dimensional topology, holonomic parametrization of knots

Author: Violeta Apkhazava
Keywords: algorithm, knots, topology, holonomic parametrization

About One Method of Solution of the Multi-criteria Boolean Optimization Problems

Author: Bezhan Ghvaberidze
Keywords: Boolean multicriterial optimization

Central extensions of Lie triple systems

Author: Revaz Kurdiani
Keywords: Lie triple systems

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