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Computation of Elastic Prismatic Cusped Shells on the Bases of Kirchhoff-Love Model

Author: Yusuf Fuat G├╝lver
Keywords: prismatic shells, cusped edges

On the Application of the Method of a Small Parameter for the Geometrically Nonlinear Theory of Non-Shallow Spherical Shells

Author: Bakuri Gulua
Keywords: Geometrically Nonlinear Theory, Non-Shallow Spherical Shells

Investigation of Boundary Value Problems for Some Classes of Cusped Prismatic Shells

Author: Boris Maistrenko

Numerical modelling of some ecologically actual problems of mesometeorology

Author: givi geladze
Keywords: Numerical modelling, mesometeorological boundary layer of atmosphere, humidity processes, aerosol

On one modell of natural gas transformation into crystalline substance for gas nonstationary flow

Author: teimuraz davitashvili
Co-authors: Meri Sharikadze
Keywords: mathematical modelling, hydrates, pipelines

Harmonic vibration of a cusped plate in the N-th approximation of Vekua's hierarchical models

Author: Natalia Chinchaladze
Keywords: Cusped plates, Hierarchical models

Hierarchical Models for Prismatic Shells with Mixed Conditions on Face Surfaces

Author: George Jaiani
Keywords: Hierarchical models, prismatic shells, cusped edge

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