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Study of the effects of antibacterial agents on bacteria development by spectrophotometric method

Author: irina papukashvili
Co-authors: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili, Mireille Ansaldi
Keywords: Bacteria, Bacteriophage, Antibiotic


Author: eduard chikvaidze

Impact of organic effectors on stability and functional activity of globular proteins

Author: Tatyana Tretyakova
Keywords: Globular proteins, protein stability, flexibility and function, organic effectors, microcalorimetry, dynamic potentiometry, cyclic voltammetry.

Quests at the edge of bionanoscience and quantum biophysics: Impact of the interaction of globular proteins with a variety of external effectors on their stability and function

Author: Dimitri Khoshtariya
Co-authors: T.D. Dolidze, M. Shushanyan, M. Makharadze, T. Partskhaladze, T. Tretyakova, N. Shengelia, D. Waldeck, R. van Eldik
Keywords: Bionanoscience, Quantum biophysics, Globular Proteins, Links between stability and function, Self-assembled monolayers at electrodes, Protic ionic liquid, Electron tunneling

Investigation of Bacterial Growth Dynamics by the Physical Method of Turbidity

Author: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Co-authors: Irina Papukashvili1,2, Nino Shengelia1, Mariam Khvedelidze1
Keywords: Turbidity Methods, Bacterial Growth, Antimicrobial Agents, Mechanism of Infection

Preparation from DPPC and DPPA phospholipids nano size liposomes and investigation its thermodynamic properties

Author: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Co-authors: Mariam Khvedelidze, Eka Shekiladze and Givi Kochoradze
Keywords: Phospholipids, Structure of Liposomes, thermodynamics

Biochemical effects of flavonoids from Georgian grapes "Saperavi" in biological systems

Author: Zurab Kuchukashvili
Co-authors: Nana Doreulee, Zaza Beruashvili
Keywords: flavonoids, brain, antioxidant

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