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Vortices and planetesimal formation in fully stratified protoplanetary disks

Author: Alexander Tevzadze
Co-authors: E. S. Uchava, G. D. Chagelishvili
Keywords: Planet formation, Core accretion

Overstability of strongly magnetized anisotropic MHD nonuniform astrophysical flows

Author: Elene Uchava
Co-authors: Alexander Tevzadze
Keywords: anisotropic MHD, Shear flows, Stellar winds

Linear transient dynamics of IGWs in stratified flows with horizontal shear

Author: Nikoloz Pirtskhalava
Co-authors: George Chagelishvili
Keywords: Internal Gravity Waves, Shear Flows

Generalized Beltrami Flow - a Model of Narrow-jet and thin-disk system

Author: Nana Shatashvili
Co-authors: Zensho Yoshida
Keywords: Beltrami Flow, Generalized Vorticity, Helicity, Jet, Astrophysical Disk

Acceleration / Generation of Large-scale Flows in Astrophysical Objects

Author: Nana Shatashvili
Co-authors: Swadesh Mahajan, Zensho Yoshida
Keywords: Large-scale fiedls, Stellar Atmospheres, Astrophysical Disk, Jet, Magneto-Fluid Coupling

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