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On the Absolute Convergence of Fourier-Haar Series

Author: Rusudan Meskhia

Spherical convergence and multipliers

Author: Shalva Zviadadze

Extremal problems and asymptotic estimations

Author: Shalva Zviadadze

Approximative properties of function from grand Lebesgue spaces

Author: nina danelia

On Compact Wavelet Matrices

Author: Lasha Ephremidze
Keywords: Wavelets, spectral factorization

On some properties of double conjugate trigonometric Fourier series

Author: Shalva Zviadadze
Keywords: trigonometric series, linear means

On the almost everywhere summability of double series with respect to diagonal block-orthonormal systems

Author: givi nadibaidze
Keywords: Weyl multiplier, block orthogonal series

On the summability of Fourier series by the generalized Cesáro means

Author: teimuraz akhobadze


Author: teimuraz akhobadze

Fourier coefficients of continous functions and functions of bounded variation

Author: vakhtang tsagareishvili
Co-authors: L.Gogoladze
Keywords: Fourier series, convergenc, coeffcients


Author: Nino Samashvili

Boundedness of Stein's spherical maximal function in variable Lebesgue spaces and application to the wave equation

Author: Tengiz Kopaliani
Co-authors: Alberto Fiorenza, Amiran Gogatishvili

On the Convergence and Summability of Fourier Series

Author: Ushangi Goginava

Summability of multiple trigonometric Fourier series by linear methods

Author: Leri Gogoladze
Keywords: best approximation, quasi-polynomials, modulus of continuity

Conjugate function and the modulus of continuity of k-th order

Author: Ana Danelia
Keywords: conjugate function, modulus of continuity

Skitovich-Darmois theorem for complex and quaternion cases

Author: George Chelidze
Co-authors: Nicholas Vakhania
Keywords: Quaternion random variables

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