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Synchronization in Self-organized Criticality

Author: Lev Gheonjian
Co-authors: Tamar Paatashvili, Otar Lursmanashvili
Keywords: Synchronization, Self-organized Criticality

Numerical methods for solving high frequency EMC problems

Author: Giga Gabriadze
Keywords: High-frequency methods, Physical Optics, Iterative Solution, Matrix compression, Preconditioning

A new simulation model of BCI source

Author: oganezova irina

UWB antennas modeling using DGTD method

Author: Iskander Badzagua

On One Aspect of Earthquake Electromagnetic Precursor: Electromagnetic Tides

Author: Tamar Paatashvili
Co-authors: Lev Gheonjian, Otar Lursmanashvili
Keywords: electromagnetic emission of the Earth's crust, earthquake precursor, synchronization, tide

555 timer,as a basic device for practical learning of analog and discrete eleqtronics

Author: guram chaganava

Modeling Technologies for Solution of Modern Automotive EMC Problems

Author: Ekaterina Yavolovskaya

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