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Global Warming and Change of Agroecological Zones

Author: Maia Meladze

Transfer of Heavy Metals into the Food Chain from Heavily Polluted Soils of an Irrigation District in Southern Georgia - Extent, Mechanisms and Remediation

Author: Besik Kalandadze
Co-authors: Peter Felix-Henningsen, Thomas Hanauer, Tengiz Urushadze
Keywords: in situ remediation; heavy metals; fertility of soil

Soil Age: Past, Present, Future

Author: Lia Matchavariani
Keywords: Time factor, soil formation, paleosoils, monogenetic, poligenetic profiles

Utilization of Compost for Healthy Ecosystem

Author: Lia Matchavariani
Co-authors: Gulnara Apciauri, Elene Nikolaishvili, Iamze Shelia
Keywords: Compost, household waste, sorting, recycling, soil fertility.

Modern methods of Soil Field Rrsearch

Author: Elene Nikolaishvili

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