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On three layer difference scheme of parallel calculation for solving of parabolic-type system of equations

Author: Tinatin Davitasahvili
Co-authors: Hamlet Meladze

To Numerical Realizations of Some Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: Dimitri Arabidze
Co-authors: Revaz Chikashua
Keywords: Ordinary differential equations, numerical realization, package of programs.

New Technologies for Approximate Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: Revaz Chikashua
Co-authors: Dimitri Arabidze

To numerical realization of some operator equation by alternating to perturbation technique method

Author: Gela Manelidze
Keywords: :

Data compression with partial differential equations

Author: Ramaz Botchorishvili
Keywords: data compression, hyperbolic PDEs, numerical methods, convergence

Energy Inequality for the Difference of Two Bounded Semiconvex Functions

Author: kakha shashiashvili
Co-authors: Malkhaz Shashiashvili
Keywords: convex, semi-convex

Reduction of a Three-Layer Semi-Discrete Scheme for an Abstract Parabolic Equation to Two-Layer Schemes. Explicit Estimates of the Approximate Solution Error

Author: Jemal Rogava
Co-authors: David Gulua
Keywords: Abstract Parabolic Equation, Semi-discrete Scheme, Explicit Estimate

On approximate solution of one class of singular integral equations

Author: Archil Papukashvili
Keywords: singular integral equations, Cauchy type integral, cracks, collocation method, dpectral method, asymptotic method.

On One Nonlocal Contact Problem

Author: David Gordeziani
Keywords: nonlocal, contact, iteration

On the approximate solution of some nonlinear integro-differential equations

Author: Jemal Peradze

To Construction and Analogy of Mathematical Theory of Elastic Plates with Respect to Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem

Author: Tamaz Vashakmadze

Construction and Investigation of Static Hierarchical Models for Prismatic Shells with Microtemperatures

Author: Gia Avalishvili
Co-authors: Mariam Avalishvili, David Gordeziani
Keywords: theory of thermoelasticity with microtemperatures, prismatic shells, hierarchical models

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