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Characterizing Hybrid wired/wireless networks

Author: Lela Mirtskhulava
Keywords: Real-time communications, fieldbus networks, wireless networks, interconnection of heterogeneous communication networks.

Quantum Cryptography: Principles, Protocols

Author: Papuna Qarchava
Keywords: Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Key Distribution, Polarized States of Photons

New Tendencies and Recommendations for Computer Science Curriculum

Author: manana khachidze
Co-authors: ობა ელასჰვილი
Keywords: Computer, Science Curriculum

Learning Calculus with Free Dynamic Mathematics Software GeoGebra

Author: Julieta Gagloshvili
Keywords: GeoGebra, Calculus, GeoGebra in calculus

Adaptive Quantum Algorithm in Information Retrieval

Author: maia archuadze
Co-authors: M.Khachidze, G. Besiashvili
Keywords: Grover's algorithm, Toffol gate, qubit

Grid cluster at GRENA

Author: Zurab Modebadze

Simple models for two-hop relay routing in ad hoc networks

Author: irma aslanishvili
Co-authors: -------------------
Keywords: Ad Hoc Networks, MANETs protocols, Routing protocols, packet, source node, Relay routing, finite memory, Relay Buffer (RB), Destination.

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